Voltage (v) : 380V/50Hz
Power (kW) : 13.2
Temperature Range (℃) : 20-400
Capacity (kg/h) : 20
Chamber Size (cm) : 87x65x39
Dimensions (cm) : 125×84,5×122.2
Dimensions Packaging (cm) : 137.5x93x134.2
Net Weight (kg) : 180
Gross Weight (kg) : 198

Set Amount

An electric pizza oven with 2 decks and 4 trays is a specialized kitchen appliance designed for baking pizzas. It is commonly used in pizzerias, restaurants, or food establishments that require high-capacity pizza production.

Here are some features and benefits typically associated with an electric pizza oven with 2 decks and 4 trays:

  • Dual Deck Design: The oven is equipped with two separate decks or compartments stacked vertically. Each deck can accommodate two trays, allowing for a total of four pizzas to be baked simultaneously. This increases productivity and efficiency in a commercial pizza operation.
  • Electric Heating: Electric pizza ovens use electric heating elements to generate the required heat for baking pizzas. This provides consistent and controlled heat distribution across each deck, ensuring even baking results.
  • Temperature Control: Most electric pizza ovens have adjustable temperature controls, allowing you to set the desired baking temperature for different types of pizzas. This flexibility ensures that you can achieve the perfect crust texture and toppings browning.
  • Multiple Trays: The oven comes with four trays or shelves to hold the pizzas during baking. This allows for efficient rotation and loading/unloading of pizzas, streamlining the workflow in a busy kitchen environment.
  • Timer Function: Some electric pizza ovens include a built-in timer function. This allows you to set the desired baking time for your pizzas, ensuring consistent results and preventing overcooking.
  • Insulated Construction: Electric pizza ovens are typically built with insulation to retain heat and increase energy efficiency. The insulation also helps to maintain a stable internal temperature, reducing heat loss during baking.
  • Compact Footprint: Despite having two decks and four trays, electric pizza ovens with 2 decks and 4 trays are designed to have a compact footprint. This is beneficial for establishments with limited kitchen space or for mobile pizza operations.
  • Easy Operation and Maintenance: Electric pizza ovens are generally user-friendly, with intuitive controls and easy-to-clean surfaces. Removable trays or shelves simplify cleaning and maintenance tasks.


Electric pizza ovens with 2 decks and 4 trays provide a practical solution for high-capacity pizza baking. They offer efficiency, flexibility, and consistent results, making them suitable for busy commercial kitchens or establishments that require a rapid pizza production process.