A portable dehydrator with 10 trays is a compact and convenient appliance used for drying or dehydrating food items. It allows you to remove moisture from fruits, vegetables, herbs, meats, or other ingredients, preserving their flavors and extending their shelf life.

Here are some features and benefits typically associated with a portable dehydrator with 10 trays:

  • Size and Portability: A portable dehydrator with 10 trays is designed to be compact and lightweight, making it easy to move and store. It is suitable for smaller kitchens or for those who need a dehydrator that can be easily transported.
  • Multiple Trays: With 10 trays, the dehydrator provides ample space for drying a large quantity of food simultaneously. Each tray can be used to dry different types of ingredients or to accommodate a larger quantity of the same item.
  • Adjustable Temperature and Timer: Portable dehydrators often come with adjustable temperature settings, allowing you to set the desired drying temperature for different types of foods. Some models may also have a built-in timer, enabling you to set the drying time according to your needs.
  • Air Circulation and Even Drying: The dehydrator is equipped with a fan and ventilation system that ensures proper air circulation throughout the trays. This helps to achieve even drying across all the trays, ensuring consistent results.
  • Transparent or Removable Trays: Some portable dehydrators have transparent trays, allowing you to monitor the drying progress without the need to open the unit. Others may have removable trays for easy cleaning and handling.
  • Energy Efficiency: Portable dehydrators are designed to be energy-efficient, utilizing minimal power during the drying process. This makes them cost-effective to operate while preserving the food’s nutritional value.
  • Versatility: A portable dehydrator with 10 trays offers versatility in drying various types of foods, including fruits, vegetables, herbs, jerky, or even making fruit leather. It allows you to experiment with different recipes and create homemade dried snacks or ingredients.


When using a portable dehydrator, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for proper food preparation and drying times. Properly dehydrated foods can be stored for an extended period, providing you with homemade, preservative-free snacks or ingredients.

Set Amount

Spesifikasi ;
Jenis Barang : Food Dhydrator Mesin Pengering Buah 10Tray
Type Barang : FDH-10
Max Power (W): 1000 Watt
Integrated Power (W): 600 Watt
Volume (Litre) 50 L
Wire Rack Size: 39cm x 28cm
Temp (C) 30-90 Celcius
Machine Size 40 x 46 x 44 cm
Packing Size 53 x 47 x 49 cm
Machine Weight: 11 kg
Packing Weight: 14 kg