Plate : Single
Power (w) : 1200
Temperature (℃) : 50 – 300
Dimensions Unit (cm) : 25x35x26
Dimension Packaging (cm) : 45x31x32
Nett Weight (kg) : 7
Gross Weight (kg) : 8

Set Amount

An egg tart shell machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in commercial baking or pastry production to automate the process of making egg tart shells. It is designed to streamline the production process and increase efficiency.

The machine typically consists of several components:

Shell Forming Station: This station forms the tart shell by pressing a dough portion into the desired shape of the tart shell. It can have different molds or plates to create various shell sizes and shapes.

Dough Feeding System: This system supplies the dough to the forming station. It can include a hopper or conveyor belt that holds the dough and feeds it to the forming station in a controlled manner.

Shell Baking System: Once the tart shells are formed, they need to be baked. The machine may have an integrated baking system where the shells are placed on baking trays or molds and passed through a heated chamber or oven for baking.

Cooling and Unmolding System: After baking, the tart shells need to cool down and be released from the molds. This system may include cooling racks or conveyor belts that transfer the baked shells to a designated area for cooling and subsequent unmolding.

Controls and Automation: The machine is equipped with control panels and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to regulate the entire process. Operators can set parameters such as shell size, baking time, and temperature through these controls.

Using an egg tart shell machine can significantly speed up the production of egg tarts and ensure consistent quality and shape. It reduces the manual labor required and allows for higher production volumes in commercial settings.