Voltage (v) : 220V/50Hz
Power (Watt): 1500
Dimensions Unit (cm) : Dia; 23 x 47
Net Weight (kg) : 2
Gross Weight (kg) : 3

Set Amount

A water boiler, also known as an electric kettle or hot water dispenser, is a household or commercial appliance designed to quickly and efficiently heat water to a boiling point. It is a convenient and energy-efficient alternative to traditional stovetop kettles or pots.

Here are some key features and functions typically found in water boilers:

  • Heating Element: Water boilers are equipped with a heating element, usually made of stainless steel or another heat-resistant material. When the appliance is turned on, the heating element rapidly heats the water.
  • Temperature Control: Many water boilers have temperature control settings, allowing users to select the desired water temperature. This is particularly useful for different beverages or recipes that require specific water temperatures, such as brewing tea or coffee.
  • Automatic Shut-off: To ensure safety and prevent the appliance from overheating, most water boilers include an automatic shut-off feature. Once the water reaches the boiling point or the desired temperature, the appliance will automatically turn off.
  • Water Level Indicator: Water boilers often have a transparent water level indicator, allowing users to monitor the amount of water inside. This feature helps prevent boiling dry and ensures that you have enough hot water for your needs.
  • Cordless Design: Many modern water boilers come with a cordless design, allowing the kettle to be easily lifted off its base for pouring and serving without the restriction of a cord. The base contains the heating element and power supply.
  • Safety Features: Water boilers may include safety features like a locking lid to prevent accidental spills, heat-resistant handles to protect against burns, and boil-dry protection that automatically shuts off the appliance if there is insufficient water.
  • Capacity: Water boilers come in various capacities, ranging from small sizes for personal use to larger ones suitable for commercial settings. The capacity is typically measured in liters or cups.

Water boilers are versatile appliances used for various purposes, such as making hot beverages, instant soups, or cooking. They provide a quick and efficient way to heat water without the need for a stovetop or microwave, saving time and energy.